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Complete Roof System Installation
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Our roofs last longer so your money goes farther.

Did you know that deck protection, leak barriers, flashing, and ventilation are just as important to the longevity of your roof as the roof surface itself?

We’re often asked, “Why doesn't a 50 year roof actually last 50 years?”. The answer is that home owners and roofing companies frequently fail to do all the little things correctly. Longevity truly lies in the details.

As one example, most roofers will install 25 year ridge capping shingles on a new 50 year roof. It looks right, it won't leak, and the initial cost will be less. However, unkown to the satisfied home owner, the roof will fail prematurely.

If you want the most bang for your buck, call us today at (615)794-3959, and we’ll show you why a complete roof system from Ford Roofing Company will outlast most other roofs.

How can we help?

If it's time to replace your roof, call us today at (615)794-3959 for your: Image: Proposal Folder
  • FREE no obilgation roof replacement estimate

  • FREE consultation with a certified roof professional

  • FREE literature packet with tons of useful information
We'll walk you through the estimate and the strategies for solving your specific issues.

With up front knowledge, you'll be able to take on the project with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.
$95.00 Minimum Service Charge

We know that there is no peace and constant worry when your roof is damaged or leaking. Especially when repair attempts have not worked, and you don't know where to turn or what to do.

Give us a call at (615)794-3959 and we’ll find a durable solution that finally gives you peace of mind. Image: Diagnosing A Leak

Other companies often guess where the water is getting in and use sealants as their primary tool for stopping the leak. Sealants are fine for a temporary fix, but correctly layering roof components and having multiple layers of protection are the keys to a real solution.

Our minimum charge for the initial service trip, leak diagnosis, and repair estimate is $95.00. This fee will be applied as credit toward the total repair cost, if you employ us to perform the repair.
As a rule of thumb, because shingles become brittle with age, replacement should be considered during the last 20% of the predicted roof life.

Years 16-20 for a 20 year 3-tab shingle, 24-30 for a 30 year dimensioanal shingle. Image: Replacing A Roof

Most of the issues that occur during the first 80% of the roof’s life, can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Weather damage and poor installation are the exceptions that may cause your roof to fail prematurely.

If you're uncertain, call us at (615)794-3959 and ask for a repair. We'll send out a technician to render an opinion and provide the appropriate repair or replacement estimate.
Selecting the right contractor is vital to the success of your roofing project. The following sources can help with the initial search: Image: Certified Contractor
  • Referrals - Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates if they could recommend someone.

  • Job Sites - Jobs in your neighborhood offer the opportunity to see a contractor in action. Talk to the homeowner about the quality of the work.

  • Manufacturers - Companies like GAF have “look-up” programs on their web sites to find trained and certified contractors in your area.
Once candidates have been selected, interview them and discuss the details of your project. Meeting with them will help you determine if they are reliable, professional, easy to work with, and able to complete the job to your satisfaction.
Below are the ten most common problems found during an audit of 15,000 residential roof jobs:
  1. Wrong Products

  2. No Leak Barriers

  3. Bad Ventilation

  4. No Drip Edge

  5. Chimney Problems

  6. No Starter Shingles

  7. Poor Flashing

  8. Valley Issues

  9. Nailing Problems

  10. Poor Shingle Integrity
Roofing is involved in over 70% of construction litigation, but is less than 4% of construction costs!
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Give us a call at (615)794-3959 today, and let us show you how the 3-part Weather Stopper System can help you avoid these issues.
Why should you intrust the care of your home to Ford Roofing Company?

Because we are committed to factory training, education, and sound business practices; and we're backed by the best warranties in the industry. Image: Exclusive Warranty Brochures

Please review our credentials below:
  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

  • ‘A+’ Better Business Bureau Rating

  • ‘A’ Angie's List Rating

  • GAF Consumer Protection Award

  • GAF Certified Green Roofer

  • Nashville House & Home Reader’s Favorite Award

  • Certified GAF ‘Master Elite Contractor’

  • Certified Certainteed ‘Select Shingle Roofer’

  • Certified Owens Corning ‘Preferred Contractor’

  • Mule-Hide ‘Warranty Eligible Contractor’

  • Velux ‘3-Star Skylight Installer’
Nobody knows more about residential roofing than Ford Roofing Company! Give us a call today at (615)794-3959.
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